Tattooed biker wife married to tattooed biker husband.  Follower of Christ…. imperfect, blemished and clumsy at times; but (by His mercy and grace) forgiven, redeemed, and determined to KNOW HIM and MAKE HIM KNOWN.

What does truly following Christ look like in the real world? Out there where life is rough, people are difficult, circumstances sometimes devastating, and things can change in the blink of an eye?  How do we do that???

That’s what this blog is all about… my thoughts, my sometimes meandering journey to live out what I profess to believe, not just on Sundays, but every day, out there in the “real world.” Because it’s not about looking good on Sundays, or fulfilling some obligation once or twice a week… faith isn’t some fluffy, pie-in-the sky philosophical ramblings…far from it. Jesus is right here in the trenches with us, in the hard-core nitty-gritty of life.  And every day we are faced with a choice, multiple times a day:  HIS way, or MY way?

I learn things the hard way usually.  Most often, the REALLY hard way.  I hope that as we go along, some of the things I’ve learned or am learning will be a blessing, an encouragement or even a challenge to you.  I am nothing but an ordinary person, with ordinary flaws, failures and an ordinary life…who belongs to a most EXTRAORDINARY Heavenly Father who loves each of us unfathomably.

God’s peace to you and yours.

me and cruiser at cabin








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