I found this quote on Facebook somewhere, and it spoke so deeply to my heart, rang so true to my soul, that I at once printed it out and saved it.  It is a bookmark in my Bible.  It is hanging on the wall in my cubicle at work.  When it seems that the rage and harshness of this world are bringing me to the point of despair of all hope…I read this quote and remind myself to pray.  I hope it gives you the same moment of pause and comfort it gives me.  If not…well, on the bright side, i now have this quote saved on my blog where i can’t possibly lose it (a talent of mine). 🙂 

I have noticed that we spend so much time criticizing others for what we *perceive* to be wrongs that they are doing, that we seldom stop to pray for these people. Perhaps, as we are commanded, we should PRAY for such as these. For if we are TOO BUSY PRAYING for these people, then we should be TOO BUSY TO JUDGE THEM. A person is not the sum of their acts, but their acts are an OUTWARD SIGN of the state of their HEART [See also, Luke 6:43-45]. So, then, let our prayer be for the healing of the hearts of those who do evil.” 

– Quote scavenged from somewhere on the internet, *not* my words